Unbleached Indian Premium Prefolds (15-30lbs.)
Unbleached Indian Premium Prefolds (15-30lbs.)

Unbleached Indian Premium Prefolds (15-30lbs.)

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Please note -- we're now offering our own organic Green Cheeks Prefolds in a size very similar to these! As a result we're not actively stocking these in bulk, but we are more than happy to order them in for you! Please contact us to arrange your order. You can also find this size from Osocozy in their bamboo/organic blend, sold as a 6 pack, here. 

Sold individually.

By OsoCozy - Indian cotton prefolds.  These are the softest prefolds with a lovely unbleached color.  When you get them, they are big and flat, but after a few washes, they soften and quilt up beautifully.  These are 4x8x4 layered Indian cotton twill. 

Infant size prefolds measure 12x16" before washing and quilt up to approximately 11x14.  These work from birth to about four months or so, and then are great as night-time doublers inside another diaper, or as pocket diaper inserts. 

Premium size prefolds measure 14.5x22" before washing and quilt up to approximately 12.5x17.5".  These work from about four months to potty-learning, depending on your child's growth pattern. 

Toddler size prefolds measure 17.5x23" before washing and quilt up to approximately 14.5x19".  These are for larger toddlers and not all kids will need this size.  They also make great changing pads for those babies who like to go when their diaper is off!

You will want a few Snappis per dozen diaper to fasten them on the baby, or they can be folded in thirds and placed inside a snug-fitting wrap.  These must be prepped before use. 

Why I love these diapers:
  • This is the most economical way to diaper a baby.
  • Because they are so inexpensive, you can buy enough to go several days between washing (great for those using a laundromat) and/or change the baby as often as you like.
  • Natural cotton is not at all fussy about how you wash it.
  • You can fold them in a variety of ways depending on where you need the absorbency.
Care Instructions:
Prewash cold, wash hot, rinse twice.  Hang or machine dry on hot.

Sold individually.

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