Posted by Lilli Cannon on 12/21/2010
Diaper rash is a fact of life.  I can guarantee that your baby will have more than one rash before he or she is out of diapers, and they happen whether you use cloth or disposable diapers.

Here are the most common causes of diaper rash:

Normal Developmental Rashes


Newborns get diaper rash because their skin is new and delicate and they pee and poop a lot.  Try to change the baby as soon as he pees or poops, and just use a cloth wipe wet with warm water, and don't rub hard.  You can use a very gentle baby balm or rash cream with each change, but make sure it is cloth diaper-safe.  (See below for rash creams.)

Teething (two months and up)

When babies teethe, they drool, and they swallow some of this drool, and it can irritate their bums on the way out.  This is totally normal, and again, the solution is to change them often and use a protective balm or cream that is cloth diaper-safe.  (See below for rash creams.)

Starting Solids

Solid foods change the chemistry of the baby's poop, again resulting in diaper area irritation.  The most common culprits are acidic foods such as tomatoes and oranges.  Our third child could not eat anything with tomatoes for a long time - every poop after eating tomatoes would cause a terrible, burning rash that made her cry and suck her breath in sharply because of the pain.  I had to lay down the law - absolutely no tomatoes - and by about 15 months, she could eat tomatoes without pain.  Pay attention to which foods irritate the baby more, and be especially vigilant about changing them as soon as possible.

Other Common Rashes

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU SEE YOUR PEDIATRICIAN FOR A RASH THAT DOESN'T GO AWAY WITH EXTRA CHANGING AND A BIT OF DIAPER RASH BALM.  I am not a doctor and I cannot give you medical advice.  Many times when a baby has a rash that won't go away, a pediatrician can easily diagnose it and prescribe a cream that will quickly heal it.  These rashes also don't have a lot to do with using cloth diapers, as babies who wear disposables get them, too.


Yeast rash looks like tiny red bumps that may give a sandpaper-like feel.  It can come and go and peel as it heals.  Older babies may scratch at it when their diaper is off.  It often appears in the creases where it is moist, such as under the fold of the belly and in the leg folds.  Yeast lives on our skin and inside us, but given a warm, moist environment, it can grow out of control.  Your pediatrician can prescribe an antifungal cream for it which will clear it up quickly.  There are also over-the-counter creams which will work well.  Please ask the doctor for the cheapest solution - this is very common and can be cured with inexpensive and old medicines.  It is important that you use the cream for a week after the rash appears to clear up. 

Whether you can continue to use your cloth diapers with the medicine depends on the ingredients and how much you are putting on.  Please email me the name of the cream and I can tell you if it is cloth-safe.  If it is not cloth-safe, you can use fleece liners to protect the diapers and hand-wash the liners separately.

With most yeast infections, a hot wash with 1 cup white vinegar will freshen up the diapers.  This is because yeast lives on us all the time and it is impossible to kill it all, nor would you want to.  If you have recurrent yeast infections, you may need to treat the diapers a little more harshly, but it is more important to find the physiological cause of the yeast infection rather than fuss over the diapers.  Ongoing yeast infections are a health issue, not a laundry issue - something is not right in the body's chemistry.

Bacterial Rash (Impetigo, etc.)

A rash caused by a bacteria will look like round sores that may blister and ulcerate.  Please see your pediatrician for diagnosis and a prescription cream.  Whether you can continue to use your cloth diapers with the medicine depends on the ingredients and how much you are putting on.  Please email me the name of the cream and I can tell you if it is cloth-safe.  If it is not cloth-safe, you can use fleece liners to protect the diapers and hand-wash the liners separately.

To treat the diapers, wash them with 1-2 Tablespoons chlorine bleach and rinse well.  Do not bleach covers or anything that really isn't coming into contact with the baby, and be aware that too much bleach will lighten cotton.  You can really bleach the heck out of microfiber pocket inserts without hurting them, but too much bleach will weaken or destroy PUL.

Rashes Specifically Caused by Cloth Diapering Issues

Fabric Sensitivity or Allergy

Some babies are sensitive to certain fabrics - the most common culprit is suedecloth (for example, the inner fabric of bumGenius 3.0 and 4.0 diapers.)  This is not very common - see your pediatrician if you suspect this.  Some babies cannot tolerate diapers that "feel wet" like natural fiber diapers, but they are fine with "stay-dry" diapers with polyester inners.

Detergent Issues

I know everyone thinks that their baby's rash is the detergent's fault, but it actually usually is not.  Here are the issues caused by detergents.
  • If you are using way too much detergent, and not rinsing it all, it will irritate the baby's skin.  Most people need 1 Tablespoon or less of detergent - yes, you read that right.  To give you an idea, I wash 40 diapers at a time in a front-loader and only use 1 Tablespoon of cloth diaper detergent.
  • If you are using a detergent with enzymes (Tide is the biggest culprit), the enzymes may not rinse out of the fabric.  When the baby pees, it reactivates the enzymes and they go to work digesting the proteins in the baby's skin.  This will look like a red sunburn all over in the shape of a diaper.  Stop using the detergent with enzymes, and strip the diapers really well.  (We can use detergents with enzymes on our clothes because they are not wet against our skin, but if we use them on diapers, it is an instant rash.)
  • If your detergent has unnecessary additives, these can irritate the baby.  These are optical brighteners, fabric softeners, stain guards, and dyes.
  • In general, powder detergents are easier to rinse.
Rash Creams and Balms

You cannot use just any diaper cream with cloth diapers.  Creams that have zinc oxide mixed with petrolatum (petroleum jelly) will stick in the diapers and be almost impossible to get out in the laundry.  If you feel you must use such a cream, use a large fleece liner and handwash the liner with dish detergent, separate from the diaper laundry.  We have several cloth-safe rash creams in our store.  Also remember to keep the baby's bum smooth and moisturized - that goes a long way, and small amounts of moisturizer won't hurt the diapers.  Make sure to choose one that is free of fragrance, dye, etc.



Patti Persia (fluffs enough)
Date: 12/21/2010 12:26:01 PM
Thanks for the info!
Date: 12/21/2010 12:26:40 PM
Tons of info! Thanks!!
Laureen Botticelli
Date: 12/21/2010 12:27:05 PM
I love tthe info, I am having some redness issues and this has really helped!! I hope i win!! :)
Date: 12/21/2010 12:27:30 PM
We had to switch to disposables overnight for a bit because we had an AWFUL rash that I just couldn't figure out with our overnight diapers. I realized the problem was worse when we added hemp which I heard holds urine a bit more than cotton or other materials. He was getting a rash because he was sensitive to his pee. We have since started using Sustainable Babyish instead of doing the hemp doublers and with SUPER rinsing in the morning the rash has completely cleared up. Thanks for all you
Date: 12/21/2010 12:27:39 PM
Great article! Saving this info :)
Robin Sullivan
Date: 12/21/2010 12:28:33 PM
We're at the teething stage. I didn't put it together with his red bottom until now. Thanks! I love to find lots of useful info in one place.
Sabrina Radke
Date: 12/21/2010 12:29:01 PM
Wonderful information! Thanks!
Lauren Watkins
Date: 12/21/2010 12:30:33 PM
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Stephanie Jones
Date: 12/21/2010 12:31:17 PM
Great information! Thank you! We have been battling rashes related to food-sensitivities with my 16m.o., so it's great to know I can use cloth and rash cream!
Kate F.
Date: 12/21/2010 12:31:40 PM
Great info, thanks so much for posting!
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Great info! Thanks!
Bethany Schad
Date: 12/21/2010 12:32:05 PM
This is a great post! Thanks for some great tips. I never thought about teething/drooling as a colprit of diaper rash but it makes sense. I've heard a few people say that breast milk is a great cure for diaper rash. My 4 month old still has never had one but if he ever does that is the first thing I want to try. Can't get any more natural that breast milk!!
Date: 12/21/2010 12:32:08 PM
We found our our little one is allergic to polyester. Now we are dealing with basically a heat/sweat rash. Poor guy.
Date: 12/21/2010 12:32:26 PM
Good info!
Date: 12/21/2010 12:32:40 PM
Good info! We seem to have really rashy bums in this house. I'm still looking for the perfect cream.
Date: 12/21/2010 12:33:10 PM
Great info! We've had great luck with ecostore usa baby nappy balm! And it's cd friendly!
Date: 12/21/2010 12:33:32 PM
Great info! We've been lucky with rashes! Any we get are always quickly cleared with some Homestead Company rash oil or balm if it gets too bad! The stuff is like MAGIC!
Jamie Williamson
Date: 12/21/2010 12:33:52 PM
Thanks so much! The info is very useful. My daughter was getting teething rashes a lot.
louise brown
Date: 12/21/2010 12:34:13 PM
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Date: 12/21/2010 12:34:21 PM
Great article. We've just recently begun to have issues with rash - cleared up by switching detergents and stripping dipes.
Rebecca O'Brien
Date: 12/21/2010 12:35:08 PM
I just want to say thank you for all of your advise! Luckily my LO has only hat one rash and that was while she was in the NICU (yeast from medication) Thank you cloth diapers and thank you Happy Baby Company! :)
Alexis Abell
Date: 12/21/2010 12:35:10 PM
We've experienced almost every type of rash listed! Yeast, food irritations (with oranges, every time!) All of this advice is great for using better detergents, overnight soaks, etc... however, I think our biggest problem is our terrible washing machine. It was inexpensive and still works - so it's hard to rationalize buying a new one just for the cloth diapers. Maybe I should keep track of how much money I save with cloth diapers and start a new washing machine fund with it. :)
Megan Davis
Date: 12/21/2010 12:35:40 PM
Good post. Is a thin flushable liner protection enough to occasionally use a non-cloth diaper safe cream?
Melissa Watts
Date: 12/21/2010 12:36:14 PM
Homestead Baby makes the best products. A little oil and any rash is gone usually within hours. And a little goes a long way. We don't have a lot of rashes, but when we do, this is our go to stuff.
Stacie L.
Date: 12/21/2010 12:37:58 PM
Awesome info! Thank you! I am bookmarking this for sure! So far we have only had a small amt of rashes with my 3rd baby. I highly believe the cloth helps keep them at bay. I do use CJ Butter when needed tho! Works great!
Date: 12/21/2010 12:39:01 PM
We just got over a recurrent rash. A few chages to which diapers we're using and lots of naked time seems to help.
Heather Saylor
Date: 12/21/2010 12:39:22 PM
Thank you for such thorough information all in one place!
Elizabeth Randolph
Date: 12/21/2010 12:40:18 PM
Great information. We have only had to battle diaper rashes caused by things I've ate. My little man is still exclusively breastfed and seems to get diaper rash if I eat to many tomatoes.
Date: 12/21/2010 12:40:34 PM
Good info! Knock on wood, we haven't had rash issues. Just a bit of redness that has cleared up quickly.
Mary Miller
Date: 12/21/2010 12:41:38 PM
I discovered our baby has the yeast rash. He is almost exclusively breastfed and I found I eat waaay too much sugars... I found eating yogurt and applying yogurt right on the rash as a cream cleared it up in a few days! It also helped to go diaper free at home when possible, warm cloth wipe downs and a few sink baths a day, And now I need to lay off the sweets!!
angela h
Date: 12/21/2010 12:41:57 PM
This is a great post. Thank you for sharing it. I change both my boys VERY often to keep them dry. I do use disposables though when they get a rash so I can slather on the cream! angela_heffner at yahoo dot com
Date: 12/21/2010 12:42:59 PM
Nice post Lilli. I am a doctor, and you summed things up nicely! We struggled with a rash on my little guy for about 6 weeks when he was 4 months old and EBF. I felt like I should be able to figure it out and was so frustrated. It turned out that it was developmentally related. As he learned to kick his legs and started rolling over he was chaffing on the wet areas of our diapers. We now use fleece liners all the time and haven't had a problem since!
Jennifer Lichak
Date: 12/21/2010 12:44:12 PM
This is perfect timing! We're traveling and she has her first ever bit of a rash at 11 months. I'm bookmarking this. Thank you!
Stephanie D
Date: 12/21/2010 12:45:41 PM
Thanks for the info! My little guy (and us too, since it sucks to see that on your kiddo) struggles with diaper rash. It seems like we've tried everything, even prescriptions.... both my kids have sensitive skin, so it doesn't help any! My oldest struggled too. I think potty training will be our only permanent relief, but thanks for some helpful tips to help combat it! :)
Tiffany W
Date: 12/21/2010 12:45:44 PM
Thanks for all the great info!
nicole sparks
Date: 12/21/2010 12:45:55 PM
Thanks so much! We haven't had a rash yet (he's 5 months) but we had some burns from a deturgent but we got that all straightened up and some great oil from your store and he's rocking a soft fluffy booty!
Summer Noble
Date: 12/21/2010 12:46:17 PM
Very helpful thanks for the info
jennifer rogers
Date: 12/21/2010 12:46:35 PM
Thanks for the info! The only time I noticed a rash was when we put our little one in disposables for a few days. We got back on the cloth and the rash never developed. I know we are in for it in the future so this is great info to have.
Date: 12/21/2010 12:48:45 PM
Great post, and great information, as always! We use corn starch to help keep Rae dry, and as long as we use it diligently, her bum is nice and pink, with no redness. If she's too active during changes and we skip the corn starch too many times, she gets a bit pink. I think it bothers me more thani t bothers her, most of the time!
Date: 12/21/2010 12:49:24 PM
I wish you had posted this yesterday since I spent last night searching for answers! My son eats a lot of fruit, which could be part of the problem with his recurrent yeast infection. Our doctor recommended lotrimin (clotrimazole). I haven't been putting it on after the redness and bumps go away. Hopefully this round will cure it...and a few dietary changes too!
Shannon Dixon
Date: 12/21/2010 12:49:42 PM
Great post. We are currently going through the teething rash :(
Renee Wapniewski
Date: 12/21/2010 12:54:04 PM
thank you for all of the helpful information
Renee Wapniewski
Date: 12/21/2010 12:54:22 PM
thank you for all of the helpful information
Jenn Pfeiffer
Date: 12/21/2010 12:55:56 PM
Thanks for the great information! We battle teething rash with every new tooth. It's nice to be reminded that it's totally normal!
Amy S.
Date: 12/21/2010 12:55:56 PM
thanks for all the info!
Date: 12/21/2010 12:56:43 PM
Thanks for the info. I think I need to try to cut back to less than 1 tbsp of detergent. I only wash 12-14 diapers at a time and I use 1 tbsp of Charlie's or RnG.
Christy del Real
Date: 12/21/2010 12:58:16 PM
Thanks for the post! We're having some red bum here, but I do think it's because I've been out shopping and not changing her enough. :) But I thought the info about other rashes helpful.
Date: 12/21/2010 12:59:36 PM
Great article!!!
Date: 12/21/2010 1:01:12 PM
Thanks for the article! We switched to cloth when Auden had a chemical burn and yeast infection combined. Cloth has worked wonders; her skin looks as fresh as the day she was born.
Date: 12/21/2010 1:02:26 PM
that's a great post. Thankfully, we have not had any meetings with diaper rashes *crosses fingers*
Rebecca L
Date: 12/21/2010 1:02:29 PM
this is great information. Am saving this!
Allie Wiley
Date: 12/21/2010 1:03:30 PM
We have been very lucky not to have much diaper rash so far, none at all since we switched to cloth. But this is some great information. Thanks.
Stephanie Goodrich
Date: 12/21/2010 1:03:41 PM
Wow, great article! I wish I'd read it last summer. My daughter developed horrible, persistent rashes during the hot months. We tried most of the solutions you mention above, and the only thing that worked was Rx cream with hydrocortisone. I ruined a few FuzziBunz before I realized it was not cloth-compatible. :( The happy ending (ha!) is that with the cooler weather, her rash has gone away completely, and her bum looks fantastic. Thanks for the great post!
Gina Turella-Garcia
Date: 12/21/2010 1:03:44 PM
My baby never had a rash until he started teething. He ended up with a bright red bottom and a couple of blisters from loose stools. Frequent diaper changes and leaving him in a fitted diaper without a cover for a day along with generous amounts of Kerry's Miracle Salve Plus cleared the rash up within 24 hours. The blisters took an additional 3-5 days to completely resolve. This post is very helpful!
Jessica A
Date: 12/21/2010 1:06:31 PM
We have been struggling with rashes almost since day 1 with my second and I think we've finally got it under control. After months of switching detergents, using OTC anti fungal creams, ointments, you name it, I finnally got some CJs BUTTer and that stuff is amazing. That with a little cornstarch, she has been virtually rash free. As for the actual culprit, I'm really not sure. I thought yeast, but after using the antifungal/neosporin combo and starting the CJs, I'm thinking she is just sensitiv
Melissa Norvell
Date: 12/21/2010 1:07:08 PM
Thanks for the info!
Kelly Domiano
Date: 12/21/2010 1:07:16 PM
Thanks so much for this info! I love your posts Lilli! I need to order something to have on hand!
Date: 12/21/2010 1:07:51 PM
Thanks for the info!
Kyla Jaspers
Date: 12/21/2010 1:08:04 PM
hate rashes! :( (snowwhite_1234ATyahoo.com)
Kyla Jaspers
Date: 12/21/2010 1:08:14 PM
hate rashes! :( (snowwhite_1234ATyahoo.com)
Jen Baish
Date: 12/21/2010 1:08:30 PM
Great info! And your suggestions with our rash from last week was great! Thanks so much again for all your wonderful info!
Laura Wilson
Date: 12/21/2010 1:10:16 PM
Thanks for the info-We had some issues because of recalled Rockin' Green and unfortunately we should be using classic, but only have Hard Rock on hand. I think the reason my little guy keeps getting a red bum is because of ammonia issues, but I don't know. Hoping to try CJ's BUTTer sometime.
Date: 12/21/2010 1:14:06 PM
Great article, thanks for the info!
Amy R
Date: 12/21/2010 1:14:07 PM
Great info. We are struggling with a persistent rash and sensitive skin.
Cyndi K.
Date: 12/21/2010 1:15:41 PM
Our rash issue was over detergent. My little guy has sensitive skin. :( I didn't know of a rash cream that was safe for cloth.....until now. Thanks!
Meagan Riehl
Date: 12/21/2010 1:23:53 PM
My poor DD has a rash right now and it's all my fault! I had pizza 3 days in a row and now her bum is red. I feel so bad. :(
Jennifer Rubin
Date: 12/21/2010 1:31:56 PM
DS is finally rash free! Got him cleared up when I started using Hard Rock!!
Date: 12/21/2010 1:32:15 PM
Luckily we haven't had to deal with anything too awful yet but it's good to know what can cause it and what we have to look forward to!
Paula N
Date: 12/21/2010 1:34:20 PM
We've been luck and kept most rashes hat we have had cleared up quickly with some diaper free time.
Michele Wilson
Date: 12/21/2010 1:34:59 PM
My girls all had yeast infections at one point or another and we found the best way to cure them was naked time! Thanks for the helpful info as I get ready to begin my cloth diapering adventure.
Mollie B
Date: 12/21/2010 1:35:42 PM
Great info! We had yeast early on and had to use a Rx cream (switched to sposies during that time). We also occasionally see a rash after certain foods, so we have to be careful what she eats.
Date: 12/21/2010 1:36:33 PM
My daughtr has struggled with diaper rash for over a month. We finally got referred to dermatologist and diagnosed with exzema. Cerave cream works great. She is my sensitive girl:)
Tara Sutton
Date: 12/21/2010 1:36:35 PM
Glad you wrote this! I am lucky that Megan's rashes usually are from a change in her food and go away quickly, but after switching to Cloth full-time, I'm going to have to get one of the mentioned creams to help her out.
Kat M
Date: 12/21/2010 1:36:50 PM
...Currently dealing with a desitin slathered BG 4 from grandma's house...
rebecca lewandowski
Date: 12/21/2010 1:41:54 PM
Thanks for a great blog! and thanks for always being willing to answer any and all questions!! You guys rock
Elizabeth Bullard
Date: 12/21/2010 1:49:11 PM
Thanks for the info. We switched to cloth to help our dd's diaper rashes out, but still have problems occasionally.
Emilie M
Date: 12/21/2010 1:51:09 PM
Very good info. What about A&D though? I'm still confused about what to look for in creams.
Libby Hunt
Date: 12/21/2010 1:58:07 PM
My little guy has sensitive skin so we get rashes ALL the time from all sorts of things. Biggest culprits were chemical burns from detergents and really acidic poo from eating too much fruit.
Michelle Perrin-Crawford
Date: 12/21/2010 2:09:47 PM
Thanks for the great information. I had a major problem with reoccurring diaper rashes with my now 22 month old. When I switched to cloth they almost immediately disappeared.
Laura Przybyla
Date: 12/21/2010 2:23:00 PM
Here's hoping that we stay rash free, but if either babe gets one, this is a great resource!
Meredith P
Date: 12/21/2010 2:42:03 PM
Thanks for the info! Had great success with Rockin' Green Hard Rock and am going to try using less detergent on my next load. I use 3 Tbs with 30 dipes. Very helpful article!
Jennifer L.
Date: 12/21/2010 2:45:47 PM
My daughter had bum rashes when she was in diapers (we used disposables) - but so far (7 months) my son has been rash free. Yay!! We use cloth on him. This is a great resource though, thanks!!
Bessie Burnsed
Date: 12/21/2010 2:47:49 PM
Thank goodness for your blog. I have a newborn grandson that is having a slight case now and I needed this help.
Meredith P
Date: 12/21/2010 3:02:58 PM
Thanks for the info! Rockin's Green Hard Rock is working great for us and I would definitely like to try using less detergent in my next load. I use 3 Tbs for 30 dipes! Very helpful article!
Megan Huff
Date: 12/21/2010 3:05:56 PM
This is really helpful info. Rashes are always tough, and usually it takes a process of elimination. My 7 month old had a red bum that just would not seem to clear up, and Adam asked if I was still using disposable wipes - which I was. He said that the chemicals in the wipes may be irritating his skin, so I switched to all cloth with the honey chunks wipe solution, and his skin has looked fantastic ever since!
Nancy G
Date: 12/21/2010 3:14:47 PM
We have been fighting an acidic poo rash for quite some time now :(
Nicole Paoly
Date: 12/21/2010 3:19:21 PM
Thanks for this blog. It couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. I'll be stopping in after the holidays for that CD safe cream.
Nicole Paoly
Date: 12/21/2010 3:19:42 PM
Thanks for this blog. It couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. I'll be stopping in after the holidays for that CD safe cream.
Lindsay Moore
Date: 12/21/2010 3:24:38 PM
We battle rash off an on. Most of the time it happens because his BM is much quieter and I don't know it is there until I smell it. Sometimes I catch it early, but sometimes it has clearly been there since soon after the last diaper change. When his rash is really bad I have him go in just fitteds with no cover and change constantly (anytime it feels wet on the outside). That generally helps him get over the worst of it. It's hard to check all the time with a busy toddler.
Dana R
Date: 12/21/2010 3:30:39 PM
Thank you Lilli for the awesome info!!! I've talked to you guys before about my little guys rash and ours is a combo of his diet, the nutritional supplement formula he drinks, his meds AND we were using disposables -- which once we switched to CD much of his rash went away -- now the only time he gets a rash is if we don't catch a bm and change it IMMEDIATELY -- we to have acid poo and you if you can't smell him, you know he has gone b/c he just goes at his butt and is totally nuts until you ge
Date: 12/21/2010 3:53:26 PM
This is great info! I didn't know that once babies swallow their own drool that it can cause diaper rash. My little man has been sucking on his fingers non-stop and his butt is getting red. I had been using a disposable with diaper rash cream until the rash goes away but maybe now I can find a cream that goes well with cloth diapers. By the way, if anyone could send me instructions on stripping my diapers, I would greatly appreciate it. You can email me at [email protected] Thanks so much!
Chris N
Date: 12/21/2010 4:01:41 PM
My baby has a red bottom almost every morning when he sleeps with a cloth diaper. It doesn't seem to bother him at all and is usually cleared up by the next diaper change. That's probably normal, right?
Aly Wetzel
Date: 12/21/2010 4:31:09 PM
Haven't had to deal with one yet (our baby will be born in a few months), but I am sure I will encounter one at some point. Thanks for the good info.
Sara Garside
Date: 12/21/2010 4:41:23 PM
I had the impetego type rash, and yeast at the same time, with Eli. A number of times actually. And with creams (that luckily were diaper safe) from the doc, and some good advice from Lili and Adam, we are all good!
Brianna Beers
Date: 12/21/2010 4:59:50 PM
This is my one stop source for info on rashes, and Im forwarding this to all mommas i know too! Thankyou!
Andrea Frank
Date: 12/21/2010 8:08:43 PM
Thanks for your helpful post. Our pediatrician could not figure out what kind of diaper rash my daughter had, but your post is really helpful. It is good to know that it is not from the cloth diapers.
Tiffany W.
Date: 12/21/2010 8:17:46 PM
What great info! I've bookmarked this for later use :)
Susan Vaughn
Date: 12/21/2010 8:18:42 PM
Thank you for this information. It's very useful.
Justine McD.
Date: 12/21/2010 8:19:00 PM
Thanks for this. We just got over a yeast infection caused by some antibiotic's my daughter had to take. The NP we saw at the doc encouraged us to go back to our cloth diapers ASAP to keep any more rashes at bay <3 (we're on a cloth break till we move in a month)
Amy Roberts
Date: 12/21/2010 8:20:31 PM
Wow, great info!!! Thank you!!!
Hillary Westbrook
Date: 12/21/2010 8:20:54 PM
Great post! Will be sharing this :)
kara simpkins
Date: 12/21/2010 8:22:11 PM
Thank you for this information. DD has a rash right now bc of teething.
Mindy Zea
Date: 12/21/2010 8:24:53 PM
Solved the bulk of our rash prblem by switching to cotton- no poly!
Crystal Shannon
Date: 12/21/2010 8:25:38 PM
My DD has had a rash for a few months now that was diagnosed as baby eczema. It comes and goes and gets better and worse. I wish I could find a "cure" for it :(
Caitlin W.
Date: 12/21/2010 8:26:44 PM
Thanks for the info, DS is starting to get rashes from his teething. We will be sure to try some of this!
Date: 12/21/2010 8:27:54 PM
Rashes are rare here, but seem to be caused by acidic food and drinks. A little breastmilk and some fresh air clears them up almost immediately.
Heather Hudson-Alouf
Date: 12/21/2010 8:28:10 PM
We have been really lucky and haven't had many rash issues...
Carrie Martinet
Date: 12/21/2010 8:33:51 PM
Our rashes are caused by dairy. So sadly, I'm dairy-free for the immediate future. I miss cheese!
Date: 12/21/2010 8:37:08 PM
Thanks for the great tips! It is so hard to know what is safe to use with my cloth diapers. Luckily, my son gets diaper rash much less frequently than his disposable-diapered friends. I really feel that the cloth helps.
Date: 12/21/2010 8:37:39 PM
My boy never had rashes until he started on solid foods. As he approached two and ate more & more he ended up with some pretty bad ones if his poops weren't changed within twenty minutes (not always in my control). He ended up with impetigo, which we treated with antibiotic cream. He still gets it here & there, and I just keep hoping he'll want to potty train soon!
amy mcdaniel
Date: 12/21/2010 8:39:29 PM
Great post!! My lil guy has a rash becuz he's been having some nasty poop diapers the past week and now his bum is sooo sore..he cries everytime I change him:( wish I knew why but have no clue!!
Date: 12/21/2010 8:43:03 PM
With my first one, we did disposables and I always cleared her rash up by letting her bum have fresh air...this time around we are doing all cloth and I'm sooo excited. I'm also nervous about rashes and washing and such because of all the other experiences others have had...thanks for the informative blog, i will be referring back to this in the next few months :)
Stephanie seiden
Date: 12/21/2010 8:47:30 PM
Luckily we've never had rashes but my kids do get really dry scaly skin in the winter no matter how much I lube them up.
Rebecca Mann
Date: 12/21/2010 8:48:12 PM
Great post, thanks for all the wonderful info!
Date: 12/21/2010 8:55:00 PM
Great post! Were always struggling with rashes :(
Kelly Miknaitis
Date: 12/21/2010 8:56:29 PM
Great info! I need to make some fleece liners or get some CD safe cream. Right now we just go back to sposies if we have rash issues.
Date: 12/21/2010 9:00:48 PM
Totally saving this... we battled a rough month long rash last summer that nearly had me at my wits end. Wish I had this then!
Date: 12/21/2010 9:09:55 PM
I use cloth on both my grandchildren that live with me full-time. They are 2 years old & 11 months old. We have only had rashes when taking antibiotics that cause diarrhea. However the younger one gets a rash if we use disposables for a day. Wonderful post! Thanks!
Christi jones
Date: 12/21/2010 9:33:41 PM
Awesome advice !!!! I love this blog!!!
Melissa Weese
Date: 12/21/2010 9:34:26 PM
My dd gets a rash with teething :(
Kelly L
Date: 12/21/2010 9:37:27 PM
Great info! We have been using "Pittburgh Paste" which was prescribed by our ped after our little guy had bleeding blisters on his bum from rotavirus. It worked like a charm and was CD friendly :) It was made up by the doctors at Children's for the kids that are hospitalized for diaper rash.
Shannon Meister
Date: 12/21/2010 9:43:12 PM
excellent information in here - thanks for explaining yeast in there-this is the one we battle with and I like that you reminded me not to worry as much about the dipes as the body itself.
Christina DePauli
Date: 12/21/2010 10:02:20 PM
No diaper rashes yet. Fingers crossed!
Kelly Kurek
Date: 12/21/2010 10:08:44 PM
Thanks for the article! My DD has such a bad rash right now from getting the runs as a side effect to her antibiotics she is on for an ear infection. The rash got pretty bad so I have to put her in disposables right now so I can treat it with lots of desitin....it seems to be the only thing helping to clear the rash.
Date: 12/21/2010 10:20:37 PM
We've been having a lot of rash issues lately and I have no idea why. It's SO frustrating. But after this post, I"m wondering if it might be yeast...
Jennifer Lutz
Date: 12/21/2010 10:32:08 PM
I dont have any cloth safe cream so usually when Tyler has a rash i'll put him in disposables over night with a ton of cream and its better in the morning!
Date: 12/21/2010 10:38:34 PM
Oye. Teething rash here too! Glad to know we're not the only ones! :)
Lindsey Weisbruch
Date: 12/21/2010 11:03:47 PM
I had tons of rash issues, mostly amonia burn on my son before I switched to Rockin Green Hard Rock. Since then (May 2010) he has not had a single one. The rashes were so frustraiting so I was so glad it was an easy fix by switching detergents. Thanks for all the info on the different kinds of rashes!
Amy T.
Date: 12/21/2010 11:26:09 PM
We've been dealing with a small yet persistent and itchy rash for about 6 months. The Dr. said it looked like yeast (but it's not in the folds of his skin), but it hasn't cleared up with the anti-fungal. Haven't tried the vinegar wash yet. I'll do that. The only thing that clears it up (and not permanently) is cortaid. Any ideas? I'm totally stumped.
Jodi Jordan
Date: 12/21/2010 11:54:35 PM
My boys get frequent yeast infections. At one point we were regularly using antifungal cream for several months. My youngest also seems to have a sensitivity to apples - everytime he eats them he has about 24 hours of sore bum.
Date: 12/22/2010 12:29:29 AM
What a great post! Thank you for all the info. Rashes dissapeared for our lo once we stopped using disposable products, and popped up again as soon as we used paper diapers for travelling. Never again!
Date: 12/22/2010 1:25:49 AM
We have been struggling with bad rashes on my daughter's legs and torso for MONTHS! We have cut out milk, and it has helped, but I am still searching for a good cream or lotion to put on her every day to help her poor skin!
Date: 12/22/2010 1:34:42 AM
My dh gets a recurring rash, goes from yeast to bacterial, no mater what we do. It even seems to have scarred her in a couple places. Doctor often can't seem to figure out what to do when either, and switching to disposables does not help it either. We are going to potty train just because we do not want her to be in any pain any more :(
Elizabeth McCarthy
Date: 12/22/2010 2:31:58 AM
Great info! Thank you! :)
Colleen Maurina
Date: 12/22/2010 3:21:52 AM
Thank you for all the useful information. Sounds like cloth diapering helps prevent rashes if they are used and cared for properly.
Becky LaSalle
Date: 12/22/2010 3:43:19 AM
What a great article!! Thank you so much!
camille houy
Date: 12/22/2010 5:27:16 AM
Great information! I can totally relate to the tomato rash. G has the same problem in the summer. This time of year, it's his love of clementines that causes a hot bum.
Date: 12/22/2010 7:03:56 AM
Thanks for posting this! We've been battling diaper rash since being totally on solids and it's great to get some new tips to try. :)
Marc Nilsen
Date: 12/22/2010 8:05:55 AM
Thanks for posting. WE have been really lucky with Graem and only had a couple of rashes that cleared up quickly.
Date: 12/22/2010 9:02:31 AM
So far our almost 6 month old DS is rash free! Yea!
Jona Heise
Date: 12/22/2010 9:04:13 AM
Good info to know! I'm brand new to the CD world and I'm soaking in as much info as I can before we make the big switch first of the year :) Merry Christmas to us is gonna be cloth diapering!
Jennifer Ormerod
Date: 12/22/2010 9:18:56 AM
I found that doing an extended first wash in cold also helped Emma's rashes. Thanks for great info and Merry Christmas!
jeannine s
Date: 12/22/2010 9:19:37 AM
We haven't had any diaper rashes in months thank goodness
Date: 12/22/2010 9:20:31 AM
Gr8 topic. We have pretty much stayed away from trouble so far but we are not yet on solids.
Date: 12/22/2010 9:30:42 AM
thanks for the great info
Date: 12/22/2010 9:32:00 AM
thanks for the great info oops misspelled e mail on first post
Jennifer Gray
Date: 12/22/2010 9:42:13 AM
Great info to hold on to! Lucky for us no rashes since we started using cloth.
Jennifer Gray
Date: 12/22/2010 9:43:46 AM
Great info to hold on to! Luck for us no rashes since we started using cloth.
Coral keith
Date: 12/22/2010 9:43:51 AM
Good info. Luckily I have never had to battle a rash. We have had the occasional red bum, but nothing serious.
Lisa R.
Date: 12/22/2010 9:45:47 AM
We're battling the newborn rash right now. :( It seems that every time I get it cleared up, it's there again the very next day. I'm trying to put a barrier cream on w/ every change, but it's still occurring. When does that stage of pooping in every diaper stop again?! ;)
Andrea Bontrager
Date: 12/22/2010 9:50:43 AM
Thank you for this! Our little one is only 6 days old, but I know I'll be referring to this soon! Keep the helpful info flowing!
Priscilla Johnson
Date: 12/22/2010 9:51:46 AM
We had a lot of issues with rash because my daughter has an allergy to something in disposables and disposable wipes. I am so glad we were mostly in cloth and have totally been since she was small. We've also dealt with a strep rash several times. Dr. Smiths ointment really helped but we have to use a barrier and keep it off the diapers!
Christina Davis
Date: 12/22/2010 9:52:36 AM
Thanks for the informative article. It's good to know the reasons behind the rash as to know how to treat it. As a soon to be first time mom and new to the cloth diapering world, I feel totally clueless. I will be referring back to this to know how to treat the diapers! Thanks again!
Date: 12/22/2010 9:53:03 AM
My daughter has a horrible rash right now due to a stomach bug we took her to the doctor and he said it was like a chemical burn from the poo :( so we just have to keep her well coated in a barrier
Christina Davis
Date: 12/22/2010 9:57:16 AM
Thanks for the informative article. It's good to know the reasons behind the rash as to know how to treat it. As a soon to be first time mom and new to the cloth diapering world, I feel totally clueless. I will be referring back to this to know how to treat the diapers! Thanks again!
Jessi Jetter
Date: 12/22/2010 9:58:13 AM
another cause of rash could be from the amonia in cloth diapers. We just battled a horrible rash due to amonia. I finally was able to get rid of the amonia by soaking my diapers in a hot wash with tide original powder. Voila! Rash and amonia gone!
Christina Davis
Date: 12/22/2010 10:01:18 AM
Thanks for the informative article. It's good to know the reasons behind the rash as to know how to treat it. As a soon to be first time mom and new to the cloth diapering world, I feel totally clueless. I will be referring back to this to know how to treat the diapers! Thanks again!
Julia Leiter
Date: 12/22/2010 10:10:10 AM
Like the descriptions!
Date: 12/22/2010 10:16:13 AM
My poor baby used to have rashes all the time with disposables! I never thought it was the diaper until we switched over to cloth! Now, we've only had about 2 rashes since switching and that was only because he had pooped in the night and I didn't change him till morning..
Date: 12/22/2010 10:16:35 AM
thanks for the topic, we have major issues with red rash and the flip stay dry inserts :(
Amy bryan
Date: 12/22/2010 10:18:20 AM
Bookmarking this for future reference!
Kathryn Bossart
Date: 12/22/2010 10:20:52 AM
I started putting a splash of vinegar in with my primary rinse cycle and it has helped a ton with the morning rash I was sure that came from ammonia build-up.
Date: 12/22/2010 10:30:29 AM
Oh Rashes! When our little one was little-er, she was pooping literally every few minutes. It was impossible to keep her clean, and she had a horrendous rash. Thankfully, once she slowed down her output to once a day, the rash went with it - after 6 weeks and lots of creams and fleece liners! I learned a valuable lesson that sometimes it's beyond your control!
Date: 12/22/2010 10:44:19 AM
We have been lucky enough to avoid rashes fir the most part. Phew!
Christina D.
Date: 12/22/2010 10:45:03 AM
Thanks for the informative article. It's good to know the reasons behind the rash as to know how to treat it. As a soon to be first time mom and new to the cloth diapering world, I feel totally clueless. I will be referring back to this to know how to treat the diapers! Thanks again!
Virginia Gosling
Date: 12/22/2010 10:51:56 AM
My twin girls both had wicked rashes because I was using too much rockin green in my wash. It took 2 weeks, cortizone and lotramin and stripping my whole stash to clear it up. We now use Vaska and haven't had any issues. (knock on wood). Great info!
April Williams
Date: 12/22/2010 10:54:33 AM
Thank you so much for the article! Very informative. Our daughter hasn't had an real rashes since she was a newborn, but her bum does get irritated since she has the best working internal plumbing that I have ever known any baby to have. :)
Kelly Via
Date: 12/22/2010 11:25:11 AM
Great Blog and very helpful info!! Thanks!
Date: 12/22/2010 11:46:33 AM
my son has a rash. I think MIL washed a couple of m diapers at her house and they did not get rinsed well. Poor guy!! It is getting better.
Heather Ramsey
Date: 12/22/2010 11:49:29 AM
We've been very fortunate and haven't had that bad of a rash. We've had some pink days, but they are gone quickly with our hands-free balm. I'll be coming back here if we get a worse rash!
Heather Ramsey
Date: 12/22/2010 11:49:42 AM
We've been very fortunate and haven't had that bad of a rash. We've had some pink days, but they are gone quickly with our hands-free balm. I'll be coming back here if we get a worse rash!
Heather Ramsey
Date: 12/22/2010 11:51:22 AM
We've been fortunate and not had any really harsh rashes. We've had some pink bums, but it goes quickly with our hands-free balm. Great resource if we were to get a bad rash!! Thanks for posting!
Date: 12/22/2010 11:51:31 AM
Thanks Lilli! This is especially great for someone just getting into CD, like me!
Katie Purcell
Date: 12/22/2010 11:56:04 AM
We battle some pretty bad rashes a few months ago before we started cloth. This info would have come in so handy! Hopefully we never get a rash like that again but if we do I know where to get some good ideas!
Beth Dalansky
Date: 12/22/2010 12:30:09 PM
My little guy had a terrible diaper rash for weeks. We found out that he has a milk protein allergy. We eliminated dairy and other allergens from his diet and his bum cleared up in less then 24 hours.
Date: 12/22/2010 12:55:43 PM
Thanks! Of all things, watermellon caused issues for my girls....go figure.
Missy D
Date: 12/22/2010 1:03:38 PM
My sweet little man who is 8 months is currently on an antibiotic for an ear infection and I know I will be combatting rash over the holidays so I will be changing him lots.The best solution for the rash is CJ's Butter love the stuff our stick looks a little worn and loved but it works magnificently on sweet little bums also great on chapped lips.We have Blueberry Crumble but I think I need to order some more.I even use it on my daughters chapped cheeks and lips in this cold weather and my daugh
Celeste Kamenar
Date: 12/22/2010 1:16:06 PM
Thank You for the helpful info. My babies rarely suffer from diaper rash(since we've switched to cloth), but when they do I always use a little CD safe oint. Like Homestead Baby or Northern Essences, and it clears up pretty quickly. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Lisa Spahr
Date: 12/22/2010 1:50:58 PM
Oddly enough we just had our first diaper rash (5 months old). I just checked the ointments I was using and did find zinc oxide but not mixed with petroleum jelly. Rash looked terrible for one day and then began clearing each day until nearly gone (4 day long event). I consider myself lucky given other rash stories I've heard of. Thanks for this great post. How timely.
Date: 12/23/2010 12:37:56 AM
Oddly enough...we did not have any issues with rushes until our daughter potty learned at 27 months. We still use dipes overnight and have had yeast and bacterial infections, multiple times in the past three months. But...as always Adam and Lilli have graciously fielded lots of questions and given great advice! I am certain this blog post will be a great reference for many.
Susan wood
Date: 12/23/2010 9:01:28 AM
Great article! Our daughter wears cloth mainly because of rashes. She can not wear disposables! Soon as we put her in cloth the rashes were gone.
Isha Tan
Date: 12/23/2010 11:46:48 AM
Thanks for all the info on rashes. I was getting worried when my son started getting them, and then I realized they always coincided with new teeth. Was starting to think it was the beloved cloth diapers!
Juli Strang
Date: 12/23/2010 8:51:21 PM
This was a great article. We just struggled with a rash last month after I bought 2 new dipes but think it was just from not washing the new ones enough. I use Burts baby bees diaper ointment but put a square of receiving blanket down as a liner. Someone suggested that in the cloth diapering group on Cafe mom. Works pretty well for us when we need to use it.
Date: 1/6/2011 11:31:24 PM
I just wanted to thank you so much for writing this post. I was crushed to find out that on my daugher, what I thought was a nasty diaper rash was actually impetigo. I was also kind of grossed out, so I just spent the last hour researching different methods of disinfecting my diapers, and I was just getting more and more confused. At that point on a whim I thought I would check your website, and I was so relieved to find information! Thank you so much for posting this information. It really
Carrie Warner
Date: 1/17/2011 3:00:01 PM
Okay, I read most of your article, and want to read all when I have more time, but one question for now. You say you only use 1 T of detergent in your front loader. I have a front loader and am using 2 T and am not washing anywhere near 40 dipes, but I still have bad yellow poop stains and sometimes they still smell. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your time!
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