One-Size Diapers

One-size diapers adjust to fit babies from about 12 to 35 lbs and are very economical, but there are some trade-offs.  They will not fit until the baby is 12 lbs/about 2 months old.  Some larger toddlers will outgrow a one-size diaper before they potty-train.  They can also be bulky on babies under four months of age. 
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Flip Cover
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Flip Organic Cotton Insert - NIGHTTIME
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Flip Stay-Dry Insert
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SoftBums Echo DryTouch (3 Pack)
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Babee Greens Hemp/Organic Cotton Fitted Diaper
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Blueberry One-Size Capri Diaper Covers
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NEW! Flip Organic Cotton Insert - DAYTIME
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Moraki SweetHearts ~ Organic One-Size All-in-One
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Moraki CandySnaps ~ One-Size AI2
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Thirsties One-Size All-in-One
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Blueberry One-Size Simplex: OLD STYLE
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Thirsties Natural One-Size Pocket Diaper
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