NapiNol Booty Balm & Beyond
NapiNol Booty Balm & Beyond

NapiNol Booty Balm & Beyond

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Booty Balm & Beyond is the natural choice for babies and mom!

Booty Balm & Beyond is a patented dual-purpose ointment that's made with the safety and purity of only 5 all-natural ingredients.
Booty Balm & Beyond has a smooth, elegant feel, with the pleasant scent of natural vanilla. And it's cloth-diaper safe.

You only need one product for diaper rash, nipple soreness, and beyond!

For Baby Bottoms
Helps heal and protect against diaper rash.
For Nursing Moms
Helps heal chafed, cracked, inflamed nipples so new moms can continue nursing.

For Protecting and
Healing Skin

Can be used anywhere you need it.

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