Fat Brain Toys Personalized Name Puzzle
Fat Brain Toys Personalized Name Puzzle

Fat Brain Toys Personalized Name Puzzle

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There's nothing quite like the feeling children get when they see their own name carved out of solid, high quality wood, painted with stunning colors, and displayed for all to see. It's the smile, the twinkle in the eyes – Kids feel special, unique, noticed, important, and best of all, LOVED. - And with this puzzle, it doesn't matter what their name is. Each and every name puzzle is custom created!

Even if your child has an uncommon name – Say, Ignatius, or a different spelling like Emilee – We've got you covered. Just type the name into the blank space before you click to order and we'll have it made for you - on demand! (However, sorry, we can't include punctuation or special characters – Only the letters A through Z and the space character.)

Each of the high-quality letters are coated on both sides in a completely non-toxic, wonderfully vibrant paint. They're simply beautiful! (Just like the name you're spelling!)

Personalized name puzzles encourage logic abilities, fine motor skills, letter recognition, name spelling, and early self esteem. It’s a personal gift that will be kept and valued for years to come!

Personalized Name Puzzle Features and Details:
  • A custom name puzzle designed just for your child!
  • Unusual names & spellings delivered no problem, however only letters and spaces can be used
  • Up to 9 characters (including spaces) available per puzzle
  • Encourages logic, fine motor skills, letter recognition, name spelling, self esteem
  • The length of the backboard depends on the length of the letters in the name, not all Puzzles are equal in length
  • Vibrant colors: Teal, green, orange, purple, yellow, blue, red
  • Large pieces, ideal for small hands
  • Exceptional hand-crafted quality
  • The ultimate baby gift for baby’s room
  • Beloved by toddlers, preschool children - and the parents who named them
  • Recommended as a decorative room accessory until age 3 and up
  • Letters measure 3 inches tall, Width ranges from 0.63 to 3.75 inches based on letter
  • Base measures 4.5 inches tall, width based on length of name

PLEASE NOTE: Personalized items are non-refundable. Colors are randomly selected.

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