Fat Brain Toys - Spin Again
Fat Brain Toys - Spin Again

Fat Brain Toys - Spin Again

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It's a stacking toy with a spin - literally!

Drop the colorful discs onto the threaded corkscrew pole and go "oooh!" as they spin fast and smooth to settle onto the reversible base.

Choosing how to set the base is half the fun for your toddler.  Pick either the wobble base or turn it over for a solid seat.

Each disc is dual-colored, and from largest to smallest they form a dynamic rainbow with fun shades like magenta, lime, teal, lemon, red, and sky blue.  The star-like discs alternate between daisy style and starburst shapes, too.   Want to make a rainbow?  Want to keep all the round-edged shapes separate? You can! Even the smallest disc can spin all the way to the base.

Aww, the discs are all in order - what now? Taking the Spin Again apart so that you can start spinning again might just be the best part!  Lift up on the easy-to-release central pole, and all of the discs spin off the bottom!  This visually stimulating tooy will keep your little ones enthralled as they practice their hand-eye coordination and baby engineering skills. 

Made of coated plastic that is pleasant to the touch, the discs are solid and BPA free.

Includes 6 discs, a reversible base, and a corkscrew pole.

Height: 16".  Recommended for ages 1 and up. 

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