Cloth Diaper Rental

On the fence about using cloth diapers?
Overwhelmed with all of the options?
Is one parent REALLY not sure if they want to do this?
Simply want to save as much money as possible during the newborn stage?

Diaper your baby for $1-2 dollars a day with the
HBC Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental!

We know that taking the leap into cloth diapering can be scary. We also know that no one wants to waste money, especially when you aren't 100% sure about it in the first place. If you know you want to use cloth and/or plan on using these diaper for years to come, then buying them is probably your best option. If you are unsure, overwhelmed with all of the options, or don't want the commitment that comes with purchasing them, the HBC Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental is perfect for you. For $1-2 a day, you can try cloth, get yourself through the tiny newborn stage, and save yourself a ton of money.

Our Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental takes all of the guesswork out of diapering your new baby. We provide all of the diapers and covers you'll need, plus we even give you the detergent. You'll also receive a discount voucher to use when you come back to buy more diapers (we're confident you'll be back because cloth diapering is awesome).

If you have questions, or would rather sign up over the phone, please call 412-734-1354
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