Wrap It Up!

Wrap it up!

This series is not currently scheduled, but will be offered again in the future. If you are interested in participating next time, please add yourself to the waiting list here!

Are you getting curious about moving beyond the basics with your woven wrap? YouTube can be great for watching videos but it doesn’t always do trick when it comes to learning and mastering new, more advanced wrap carries. There are hundreds of ways to tie that woven wrap, and we want to share the delight of wrapping with you. Certified Babywearing Educators Laura McCarthy of Wear Your Little One and Judy McAuley of Happy Baby Company are teaming up to teach 6 wrap carries in 3 classes!

For just $40 per class, you can learn these fabulous and fun carries: Ruck, Secured High Back carry, Double Hammock, Back Wrap Cross Carry, Robbins Hip Carry, and Poppins Hip Carry. Each class is two hours long and held at the convenient location of the Happy Baby Company store. These classes are intended for folks with some basic woven wrap experience and/or folks who have taken Babywearing 102 already. Your baby or toddler must be able to sit unassisted to take this class. Here’s the full scoop on pricing and scheduling:

$40 per class (purchased individually)

$100 for the full series (save $20 over purchasing individually!) 

$180 for the full series for a couple (two parents, one parent and one babysitter, etc, save $60 over purchasing individually!)

Full series discounts will apply automatically when all classes are added to cart.

All classes take place at Happy Baby Company, 558 Lincoln Avenue, Bellevue, PA 15202

Prerequisite (if you need it) Babywearing 102- Basics of Wearing your Older Baby 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I want to learn wrapping but my baby is too little for the series and for BW 102! What do I do?

You can take Babywearing 101, purchase a consult from Judy at HBC, or purchase a private consult from Laura. When your baby is old enough, you can pick up the series somewhere in the middle. 

2. I really want to register for this series but I can’t attend BW 102 on the date it’s offered? Help!

No sweat, contact Laura or Judy for info about in store consults or private lessons elsewhere. We can get you caught up and ready to wrap!

3. I learned basic back wrapping at home. Is it ok if I take the series without taking BW 102?

Yes! Please join us!

4. Can my best friend and I (and our babies) register for together for the series using the couples price ?

Sadly, no. The couple’s rate is designed for two adults who live together and/or are caring for the same baby.