Speck Sensor - Air Quality Monitor

Speck Sensor - Air Quality Monitor

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Introducing Speck!

This amazing product was developed right here in Pittsburgh in conjunction with the CMUCreateLab at Carnegie Mellon and is now being manufactured in Pittsburgh as well! Here at HBC we've been very vocal about air quality in our area as we've got some of the most polluted air around thanks to the Shenango Coke Works right across the river on Neville Island.  It's a very important issue for everyone of course, but one that hits especially close to home for us. The Speck Sensor provides real time readings of air quality in your home, and data that can be tracked over time to develop trends and attempt to make changes to improve it!

The Speck monitors fine particle concentration levels in your home, and empowers you to understand and take control of your air quality. Fine particles are produced by many sources, including household activities such as cooking and cleaning. Understanding how these particles are generated can help you take better control of the air you breathe at home. By monitoring readings on the Speck, you can become an expert about your air quality, and run experiments to test a variety of approaches to reduce fine particle concentration in your home.

Speck is an air quality monitor that detects fine particulate matter in your indoor environment and informs you about trends and changes in particle concentration. Simply plug the Speck into a standard wall outlet to begin measuring your air quality.

Speck has Wi-Fi built in, enabling you to optionally connect it to your wireless network. Once online, and after registering it with your specksensor.com account, the Speck will continuously upload its data to specksensor.com where you can see its data in real time and explore its full history with your computer or mobile device.

Speck Unboxing and Setup from CREATE Lab on Vimeo.

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