Pacidose Baby Medicine Dispenser

Pacidose Baby Medicine Dispenser

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Giving a child medication should not be a fight!  Pacidose makes it easier to give medicine to a baby or toddler.

Up to 50% of babies are incorrectly dosed when administered medication due to inaccurate dosing mechanisms, techniques and rejection. Pacidose helps by ensuring your child gets the right dose of medicine without the fuss. A standard oral syringe allows for accurate measurements and connects Pacidose which looks a feels just like your child's favorite pacifier. Pacidose has a narrow tube down the center of the nipple that prevents wasted medicine. Medicine is delivered to the back of the tongue, where there are fewer taste buds, decreasing the chance of rejection. 

Pacidose is more effective than a hard syringe or cup in giving medicine. Even feisty toddlers who have outgrown the pacifier also benefit from Pacidose because it’s fun and different.

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