Mommy Moosli -  The Muesli That Makes More Milk!

Mommy Moosli - The Muesli That Makes More Milk!

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Mommy Moosli is an all-organic muesli cereal with ingredients that are designed to help support and boost milk production in lactating moms. Muesli is a swiss cereal that is similar to oatmeal, but has far more ingredients to it, varies greatly from recipe to recipe, and is eaten in a variety of ways.

There are five main ingredients in Mommy Moosli that are known as galactogogues - meaning that they have the ability to support or boost your milk supply.  These ingredients are also incredibly healthy for mom, giving you the benefit of great nutrition at a time when eating well can be a challenge.

Mommy Moosli comes in three delicious flavors, each containing these five main ingredients:
  •     Oats
  •     Barley
  •     Rye
  •     Flax Seeds
  •     Fenugreek

If you are having serious breastfeeding issues, we would always recommend speaking to a lactation consultant to make sure there aren't bigger issues going on.

Organic Ginger & Dark Chocolate
Organic Apple & CinnamonOrganic Cranberry & Orange
Ingredients: Organic Oats, Organic Barley, Organic Semisweet Chocolate Chips (Organic Sugar, Organic Chocolate Liquor, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Soy Lecithin, Organic Vanilla,) Organic Rye, Organic Ginger, Organic Flax Seeds, Organic Fenugreek Seed, Organic Cane Sugar. Contains SoyIngredients: Organic Oats, Organic Barley, Organic Dried Apples, Organic Rye, Organic Flax Seeds, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Fenugreek Seed.Ingredients: Organic Oats, Organic Barley, Organic Sweetened Dried Cranberries (Organic Cranberries, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Sunflower Oil,) Organic Rye, Organic Candied Orange Peels (Organic Orange Peel, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Vanilla Extract,) Organic Flax Seeds, Organic Fenugreek Seed.

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