Flipple Simple Sippy
Flipple Simple Sippy

Flipple Simple Sippy

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Lighten your load… Leave the sippy cups at home!

Fast - Safe - Convenient

Flipple products are made in the United States and are BPA-Free. Keep several around the house, in the car, in the diaper bag, at grandma's house... You'll be able to use any water bottle as an emergency baby bottle.

The Simple Sippy is intended for infants aged 6 months and above.

How to use Flipple
attaching the Flipple collar

1. The Flipple adapter must be screwed on straight and the water bottle neck must protrude through the Flipple adapter (see photo). This allows the seal to be between the water bottle neck and the nipple.

2. Flipple might not screw on as easily as a bottle lid. The bottle sizes vary so you might have to slightly squeeze Flipple as screwing it on. Relax, it will fit.

3. If you are mixing formula, be sure to adjust the water to match the amount of formula needed.

4. Attach your Sippy Top and you're all set.

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