Earth Mama Angel Baby - Morning Wellness Spray

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Morning Wellness Spray

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Morning Wellness Spray is virtual bliss in a bottle with a sigh of relief on the side! A gloriously uplifting, safe aromatherapy spray for pregnancy, cranky baby, and kids of all ages. The gingery citrus mist of Morning Wellness Spray helps tame tummies and lift spirits, keep it in your purse to help battle unexpected smells, use it for long car rides, on sheets -- anywhere you might need a quick spritz of ahh. For an instant blast of blissful relief to get a queasy mama (or car sick kid) through the moment, spritz a little onto your wrist and inhale. No chemical fixatives, so the natural scent does not last an artificially long time, and because Morning Wellness Spray is safe and natural you can use it again and again, as needed.

Useful for all kinds of situations, including:
  •    Travel sickness
  •     Flu
  •     Pregnancy nausea
  •     Chemo nausea
  •     Irritable mamas and littles

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